We look at the most popular interior trends tipped to be key in 2021.

As winter closes in we look at some of the top tipped trends that may be influencing our interior design choices for 2021.

All about the Colour

There’s a mixture of colour trends tipped to be popular for 2021 including the bright Pantone colours that add an 80’s bright feel. A contrast to this palette is the subtle warm neutrals that are likely to provide some restorative calm to home design.

Work from home spaces mingle with living areas


With many households combining work from home spaces into their interior design we can expect that creating areas that are versatile and suit a range of requirements will be top of the list for 2021.

Calm isn't just created using light neutrals but rich comforting colours too

All about the calm

Creating spaces which provide restorative calm will be key for many households. The perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life, restful design can be introduced with warm neutral palettes, soothing layers and indulgent accessories. It doesn’t have to all be pale either with a growing number of households choosing cocooning darker shades that instil warmth and serenity.

Opening up spaces with natural light, plants and nature inspired materials

Bring the Outdoors In

Whether that’s choosing household plants or choosing botanical style print wallpapers and accessories the influence of the outdoors is likely to feature heavily in home design. When it comes to flooring, choosing finishes inspired by natural materials such as timber, stone and ceramics are a great way of including a connection with the outdoors. Vinyl floors are a great way of simulating natural finishes without draining vital resources. For more inspiration why not take a look at our Timberline and Quartz Pro collections?

Whatever the trend, we make choosing a floor to suit your style easy along with our free sample service so that you can try before you buy.