The fruits of our labour are currently being rolled out across our website and social media, but let’s go behind the scenes on shoot day, as we headed to a beautiful West London setting.

We’ve been hard at work producing new photography showing off our favourite floors from the Leoline 2017 collection! The fruits of our labour are currently being rolled out across our website and social media, but in the meantime let’s go behind the scenes on shoot day, as the Leoline team headed to a beautiful town house setting in West London…

Planning a photoshoot is no easy task. You need to secure the right location, booking it for the right time of day and at the right time of year, in order to account for lighting/seasonal changes. You also need to select a high-quality flooring fitter, to achieve the very best finish, and a photographer of equal standing. Finally, a stylist must be selected based on their experiences within the homes and interiors sector. Phew!

Fortunately, this isn’t the first photography project to have taken place at Leoline, and we’ve managed to pick up a few tricks of the trade along the way!

Having seen the shoot’s output, we’re very proud of what’s been achieved, and hope our customers find the room shots useful when searching for their perfect flooring in the year ahead. But which Leoline products were chosen to take centre stage in the stunning hallways, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms? Read on to find out, as we take an in-depth look at two of the hero shots to have emerged from the day:

SHOT 1: Luxury Classics

Shooting in a conservatory is a fine art with the amount of natural light flooding into the room, but get in right and prepare to reap the rewards! Joining bespoke furniture and a neat table arrangement is Brandon flooring, from the newly introduced Luxury Classics collection. Brandon holds a tiled look packed full of natural variation, but crucially is produced to withstand the elements and extra wear, ideal in an environment that links the garden and the home.

SHOT 2: Luxury Trends

Factory, an underfoot design from the Luxury Trends collection, was next to take the limelight. As a neutral tone, Factory is well suited to range of residential settings, particularly when a minimalistic approach is sought. The freestanding bath will always act as a focal point, but we believe Factory flooring really helps to bring the scheme together, and keeps it clean and clinical in all the right ways. Luxury Trends also makes for a practical choice in bathrooms, with its waterproofing and enhanced slip resistance.

Keep a keen eye on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram over the coming weeks to see more output from our London photoshoot!