2018 interiors are all about embracing the darkest, most dramatic of hues.

Pinterest is usually spot-on when it comes to predicting the next big trends – which means next year is going to be all about black. Dark kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms are popping up everywhere on the visual social network, and according to Pinterest’s own figures, pins for black interiors have increased by 140 per cent over the past three months alone.

For those of us with north-facing or small, badly lit rooms that no amount of white paint can seem to lift, the vogue for black is more than welcome. It may seem counterintuitive but painting walls black or deep charcoal can make a room feel cosier and more cocoon-like, especially if you throw in some tactile accessories such as knitted cushions or sheepskin throws and some soft mood lighting.

While an all-black scheme is not for the fainthearted – and would be far too sombre for most of us – touches of black are fantastically useful for anchoring a scheme. In a period property, for example, wood panelling in a hallway, or black-painted kitchen units, look incredibly striking but also act as a great starting point for any number of looks; you can choose to soften the effect by adding warm-coloured wood-effect floorboards, or up the drama with monochrome chequerboard tiles. Similarly, a jet-black floor can have a grounding effect, adding visual “weight” and preventing a largely neutral or muted Scandi scheme from looking washed out.

Finally, even though we’re huge fans of pale-and-interesting flooring, we have to admit that dark floors have the edge in practical terms, disguising dirt more effectively. Tempted to embrace the dark side? Whatever the look you’re after – herringbone or brick-patterned tiles, Indian slate or marble – there are endless possibilities to explore; just take a look at our swatches here or our inspiration gallery here.