Wouldn’t it be lovely to have your kitchen completed by summer? It's time to get your fixtures, fittings and surfaces in order, so you can kick back and relax once the holiday sun arrives.

But which kitchen style works best for you and your home? Read on as the Leoline team dissects its top five kitchen looks, from 'Cool Contemporary' to ‘Classic Farmhouse’.

Kitchen 1: Minimalist

Kick things into 2017 with minimalist design, an approach that’s really come to the fore in recent months. Clean grade woods can work well, but we believe the tiled looks found in Supercomforts (shown above) win the day.

Kitchen 2: Classic Farmhouse

Some will prefer more texture and rusticity in their kitchen design, and will search for inspiration from roomsets such as the above. This is where traditional wood hues come into play, the like of which can be found in the Luxury Woods stables.

Kitchen 3: Whitewash Nautical

We’ve paid homage to the nautical theme in the past, but it’s a look that continues to gain traction in prominent design circles. We’re not surprised bloggers and stylists are still hailing these creams and blues, with lighter Stonemark options just the ticket underfoot.

Kitchen 4: Luxe & Grandeur

Some may be surprised we’ve included luxury and grandeur as part of our summer season additions, but marble-effect flooring can provide just the cooling effect your kitchen craves. Head to the revamped Luxury Trends collection and reap the rewards.

Kitchen 5: Cool Contemporary

Our final kitchen style is ‘Cool Contemporary’, and the above roomset from our 2017 photoshoot certainly captures the mood. Again we turn to Luxury Trends for slick grey flooring, the perfect accompaniment to clean surfaces and clinical straight lines.

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