We’re told that a folk theme can appear somewhat tired or lacklustre, but we’re here to stick up for what is a unique look, centring around clashing colours and textures.

We’re told that a folk theme can appear somewhat tired or lacklustre. In fact, many modernists will turn their nose up at the thought of folk, simply because it looks busy. But we’re here to stick up for the humble ‘fresh folk’. Ok, it is busy. But it’s intentionally busy. The theme centres around clashing colours and textures, an opportunity to be free of the design laws that so often plague us.

Arguably the greatest aspect of folk is that no two schemes are the same. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or a happy-go-lucky homeowner who’s feeling a tad brave, it’s unlikely you’ll find a replica in the rest of your days. This is a look that, unlike many of our more contemporary themes, is completely personal to you. Type in ‘bohemian fabrics’ on any online marketplace, you’ll be met with a whole host of options in wool and cotton fibres. It’s time to be liberal as you mix and match.

Many a folk look will pay homage to the sun, the sky-bound deity, and with this in mind it’s little surprise to see exotic influences creeping into play. Draw inspiration from far-flung Eastern climes, and place faith not just in the humble floral or wildlife print, but also something with added flair like a faux fur rug, or a statement piece with chevrons or polkadots; look to break the mould.

The term ‘bohemian’ dates back to the 1800s, loosely meaning ‘wanderer’, and there’s certainly a connotation linking to the great outdoors. A folk or bohemian look should reflect this in the home, welcoming real foliage and greenery for a woodland vibe, perhaps hanging from any available beams or trusses. And while on the subject of hanging objects, why not look to a lamp or lantern. These light-bearers often resemble jewellery on a much grander scale, so search for folk’s faded hues like a muted silver or cloudy copper.

Our journey is nearing completion, and so far we’ve focused a large deal on aesthetic, or surface looks. But fresh folk places equal emphasis on texture, and there’s no better way to introduce this than in the foundations of the scheme: the floor. Leoline’s Colorado D design, as featured in our mood board, is archetypal of what we’re looking to achieve; hearty in hue while boasting knot and grain marks that you can really touch and feel. This Luxury Woods number is authentic as cushion vinyl comes, while super easy to care for.

In truth, it’s a tough task offering guidance on the blank canvas that is ‘folk’, as tendencies will vary from person to person, and home to home. The overriding aim, however, must be to make your living spaces a more calming place to be. If, when you kick back at the end of the day, you sense that this has been achieved, your work is most probably complete.