Top tips for creating home office and Study zones.

Some of us are now getting used to a mix of home working spaces and traditional office days. So, how can we make the most of creating a practical home office to help with the transition to a ‘new normal’ workday?

We’ve picked four easy ways to make the most of home office spaces and with some thoughtful design and pre-planning, you’ll find it a breeze to integrate these into your home, however large or small.

Choose your spot

If you have the space, then designating a spare or underused room into an office is a quick and easy solution. For most homeowners this option is not viable, so choosing a space within the home that will suit your workday needs while balancing family life takes a little more pre-planning. First consider whether you have all the practical elements. This will include enough power points to cope with essential tech, good lighting to make it possible to undertake tasks without straining and depending on your job, enough privacy to allow uninterrupted zoom calls.

Define your space

Unlike traditional offices where walls, desks and branding define boundaries, home offices are often multi-tasking spaces. Taking some time to discuss with the rest of the household how you will be using your office is a great way of setting some rules that will prevent stressful situations. For example, if your work involves being on the phone, then setting times when you need minimal noise is a great way of reducing noisy interruptions. This will help you define breaks and workday schedules that will enable you to balance home and work life.

Hide Away

If your chosen space is your bedroom, then do give yourself break times to reconnect with the rest of the household. It’s very easy to lock yourself in your room and become more isolated from the rest of the world. Getting the balance right, will help maintain your mental wellbeing and aid productive time at your desk or workspace.

For all work/life spaces, consider investing in some handy storage solutions so that at the end of the day you can store away any workday elements and enjoy family time without work reminders.

Desk Comforts

Home office spaces allow you the luxury of creating your own unique spot. Unlike traditional offices which tend to be more corporate in design, your own desk can include favourite photos and well-loved accessories that add that extra element of comfort. A big trend this year has seen home offices adorned with houseplants for that ultimate escape from the concrete jungle!

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