Enjoy the luxe look of a stone bathroom floor without the hassle of maintenance, with the Leoline Stonemark Collection.

While selecting a new bedroom or living room floor might be largely a question of aesthetics, picking the right bathroom floor involves a little more thought. That’s because bathrooms have to deal with one thing that other rooms don’t: moisture. Your bathroom flooring should be able to withstand steam and water splashes and provide a safe, non-slip surface when you’re getting in and out of the shower or bath. Ideally it should also be stain-proof (even against accidental drips of hairdye) and be warm and comfortable underfoot.

Unsurprisingly, not many materials can tick all these boxes; solid wood, carpet and laminate, for example, aren’t ideal bathroom choices, being unsuited to damp atmospheres. If your budget can stretch to them, stone tiles can look wonderful but are naturally cold and tend to be slippery when wet, and can be something of a hassle to maintain.

However, if you’re craving the high-end, luxe look of travertine, slate, marble or limestone without any of the downsides – and minus the hefty financial outlay – look no further than the Leoline Stonemark collection. Offering fantastic value for money, our stunningly realistic-looking stone-design flooring is hard to tell apart from the genuine article but is entirely waterproof, slip resistant, naturally warm (vinyl is a great insulator of heat) and cushioned underfoot for comfort. It also has the added benefits of R10 slip resistance and Superguard protection – which means an occasional damp mopping is all it needs to keep looking its beautiful best. Available in 2, 3 and 4-metre widths, it’s far easier and quicker to fit than real stone and is compatible with underfloor heating if you want to take the edge off miserable January days.

With colourways ranging from burnished bronze to cool cream, statement grey to glossy black, we’re confident you’ll find a Stonemark Collection floor to fall in love with. Click here to see the full range.