Our latest mood board features a clinical, contemporary monotone look. As the name suggests, this involves the use of one colour and one colour alone. Or so it does traditionally!

Our latest mood board celebrates all things ‘monotone’, a look that, as the name suggests, involves the use of one colour and one colour alone. Or so it does traditionally! Read on as we explore ways to freshen up monotone, a trend that continues to spring up in prominent design magazines and blogs.

The definition of monotone reads as follows: “Without colour or variety; dull”. In reality, this assertion couldn’t be further from the truth. A look that graced the runway in this year’s Paris Fashion Show, we’re now bringing it to your homes with a touch of design zing!

We’ve chosen to focus on white in our mood board, as many strong monotone looks tend to. The philosophy behind the theme centres on being ‘clinical’, straight lines and polished surfaces taking your interior to a new contemporary level. Particularly apt in a kitchen, a focus on walls and units is critical to get the ball rolling.

The final key component, when looking to structure this look, is of course flooring. The foundation for any look worth its salt, flooring can make or break a scheme and choice is therefore not to be taken lightly. Luckily enough, Leoline’s advanced printing technology means there’s a versatile portfolio of cushion flooring to pick from, bringing the perfect monotone aesthetic whether you seek stone or timber.

The floors selected for our mood board are both from the flexible Comfortz XL collection, in its Chatel and Italia forms. Chatel adds a calming marble effect, ideal for teaming with straight-lined surfaces, while Italia meets the look with its white or grey hue variations. Crucially with Italia’s tiled look, the grouting is clean and therefore does nothing to undermine our efforts in achieving a magnificent modern space.

If you seek the elegance of a monotone scheme, but have your heart set on a wood look underfoot, fear not. Leoline is once again on hand with its Camargue stable, these wood-effect floors fabulous for monotone with their clean grain and lack of knot marks. It’s all too easy getting caught up in colour, and to forget about the influence grain and texture can have on a room.

Once your walls, units and floor are decided upon, it’s time to apply the finishing touches. Accessorising a monotone look will not necessarily involve picking items of the same colour. As we’ve always said, an element of balance is required however brave the look, and a few accents, perhaps in black or chrome, could go a long way in breaking things up.

Preventing the room from feeling washed out is the aim here. Whether you opt for a single, contrasting panel in your tile splash back, or perhaps a piece of statement furniture, the accents will help to frame those surfaces you’ve worked so hard on. Always keep in mind, clean and smooth are order of the day!