Comfytex Deluxe is our first collection to feature our new PROTEKT layer.

With healthy living a key element for many homeowners, the Leoline development team set about creating a new type of cushioned vinyl floor that responded to a demand for more hygienic floors.

The ability to provide the benefits of anti-bacterial protection for the lifetime of the floor was paramount. We knew this would allow homeowners to worry about replenishing the protection with expensive products or worry about it’s effectiveness over time.

Comfytex Deluxe is our first collection to feature our new PROTEKT layer. This built in protection providing a reassuring barrier against common bacteria such as e-coli, staphylococcus aureus and MRSA, as well as inhibits the growth of mould. This protective layer will not fade with washing or wear and is integrated during the manufacturing process.

PROTEKT also doesn’t affect our Superguard® technology, so that your Comfytex Deluxe floor remains just as easy to care for. And with our Luxatex textile backing for more comfort and easy glue-free installation over existing laminate, wood and tile floors, Comfytex Deluxe is certainly a feature-packed option.

The collection doesn’t compromise on aesthetics either and each vinyl floor benefits from our eye for detail when it comes to recreating the look of timber and tile inspired floors.

Pattern Perfection

Inspired by simple patterns, Magali is the perfect solution for households looking to subtle interest to their rooms. The PROTEKT layer makes it a perfect solution for kitchen and bathroom areas.

Must Have Herringbone

Herringbone has long been associated with the grand, stately homes of yesteryear so bringing it up to date and making it affordable for the modern home, Olympus has been created to add style and practicality in glorious wood detail.

Rich Wood Looks

2021 interior design is tipped to be full of bright and light colours, so choosing a dark contrast floor is a great way to provide the perfect style partner. Calais brings the details of grain and the feel of true timber with the convenience of cushion vinyl. This means no splinters and with the new PROTEKT layer, an easy to clean and bacteria busting solution for kitchen, play and bathroom areas.

Whatever the choice, the Comfytex Deluxe collection with built in PROTEKT layer will help homeowners select their next floor without having to compromise style with safety.