Using floor in open plan homes

With a growing demand for open plan living, starting an interior project in a large open space can seem quite a daunting task. One of the most important processes is to understand how your space is going to be used and what character you want to create in your open-plan space.

To start your design, look at the areas you are going to include. If you are going to have cooking preparation, living and study areas then look at how much space each area requires and mark this out. This will be different for everyone but make sure you factor in how many people are likely to be using the space at one particular time. This is particularly important when looking at the amount of dining space as mealtimes are when households are in one space at the same time.

Now you have started to designate the zones it’s time to look at the tasks you will be undertaking in them.

This is a great way to help understand how your flooring is going to stand the test of time and its suitability for multiple use areas. Waterproofing and stain resistance for food preparation and dining areas are equally important as comfort and durability for living and high traffic areas.

So now you have defined and understood your open-plan space you have a couple of options of how to use flooring to work with your plans.


Choosing one range of flooring that has the same specifications with a variety of colours and finishes is an excellent way of defining space. Think about using lighter tones for kitchens and warmer tones for living areas to create different moods and to tie in with your chosen decoration. There is also a practical element as using different colours to denote areas can help young and older family members visually recognise areas where they need to take extra care.


If you are going to finish the floor in one range then think about defining space using occasional rugs in living areas. This can be a great way of injecting a certain character into each zone such as plain naturals in living areas and bright coloured and patterned rugs in study or dining zones. Another way of defining areas is the use of your furniture to create clear zones.

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