Discover how Leoline Floors can prove to be the ideal flooring for busy family-life!

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that some home furnishings and small children don’t mix – we’re talking about cream sofas, off-white carpets, shelving laden with delicate ornaments… Interiors-wise there are compromises to be made when your children are tiny and hurtling around the house like mini whirlwinds, grinding crayons and mashed-up biscuits into every available surface.

Faced with the maelstrom of family life, flooring needs to tick several boxes. It must be robust enough to withstand damage, and be able to repel stains and spills. It needs to be slip-resistant and – if the worst happens – have plenty of “give” for a soft landing. But all that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looks. Let’s say you’re coveting a wood floor to complement your Scandi-style living room… With the cool good looks of washed oak and a textured surface that mimics its grain beautifully, our Camargue vinyl – just one of 18 designs in our Luxury Woods collection – is hard to tell apart from the genuine article, but as it’s 100 per cent waterproof you don’t need to be hyper-vigilant about any little accidents.

Love the look of luxe tiling, but want something that’s warm and soft underfoot, and isn’t liable to send your toddler face-planting after his bath? Our Minos vinyl, for example, offers the striking look of grey slate, but comes with R10 slip resistance for peace of mind – as do nearly all the floors in our range. What’s more, the majority of our floors also feature our Superguard protective PU lacquer; this forms a lasting coating on the surface of the floor that makes it really easy to wipe away spills without leaving permanent stains – even stubborn scuffs and marks can be removed with water and a diluted cleaning solution.

Finally, a word about wear and tear… One minute the children are small and light on their feet, the next, they’re burly teenagers tramping in and out in football boots (and more often than not bringing several friends in with them). For the ultimate in hardwearing flooring take a look at our Mercury XT Collection with Powerback backing, specially developed for demanding locations such as hallways. It comes with a 15-year warranty and offers a high level of impact resistance – and that includes indentations from furniture as well as hulking teenage boys’ size 12s.

Whether you’re after a marble, quartz or natural stone effect, the high-gloss look of lacquered oak or on-trend bamboo, there’s a Leoline vinyl to fit the bill; check out our Swatches page to see all our flooring options at a glance. Our flooring is designed to take punishment. So bring it on, kids…