There are a few factors you might want to consider other than colour.

Plank pattern is one (in general, wider boards work well in larger rooms, and narrower planks are best suited to smaller spaces). Another is wood grain.

Timber varies in the intensity of its grain markings and surface patterns, with some wood floors having plenty of knots and cracks, visible sapwood and mineral streaks, and others having an almost uniform colour and barely-there soft, subtle markings. The grain you choose can make a huge difference to the overall look of your finished floor.

For example, if you’re after a chic, modern vibe, a low-key wood grain is the way to go. Our Timberline Stockholm flooring (pictured) features the softest of grains with delicate patterns and comes in a cool-toned natural oak colourway that makes it a perfect neutral backdrop for statement artworks and contemporary furniture.

A rich rustic grain alive with detail, on the other hand, will create a lived-in, welcoming feel – ideal for vintage or country schemes. Check out the distressed look of our Lido flooring, which resembles aged herringbone, or Cardassian, a classic oak-effect floor with an abundance of knots and streaks that will conjure up a homely farmhouse feel in any kitchen.

For an elegant wood floor look that will stand the test of time – and which will go with almost anything – a classic, medium grainis the ideal choice. Our Timberline Oslo flooring features attractive swirling markings and occasional marks and blemishes that give it character and charm without dominating or overwhelming a room.

This is, of course, just a rough guide – feel free to go your own way. With Leoline offering such a diverse range of beautiful timber-effect floors in every style of wood grain, size and colourway, you’re sure to achieve a look you’ll love. If you need any help making your choice, just give us a call.